The economy is in times of upheaval. The digital transformation, the acceleration of the growth of new markets, as well as the Corona pandemic that has occurred since 2020 and the fight against it are constantly driving the prevailing change. U-turns, permanent change, disruption - this creates enormous social and economic challenges, but also opportunities.

New tasks and solutions are causing changes in marketing and sales. Transformation of marketing in thinking, acting and processes - this is also the focus of the new BRCG website. In this, on the one hand, sales challenges and strategies are addressed in terms of an integrated market conquest process - visitors are introduced to the digital transformation of sales. On the other hand, BRCG presents its latest project, the blog "BRCG-Trends", which informs about economic as well as industry-specific developments and news and contains knowledge about analytics, data, tools and processes in marketing issues.

Topicality is the key! In the new blog, BRCG takes up issues and addresses them in the context of digital transformation. Thus, "BRCG-Trends" starts with various contributions about the change of the business world in Corona times. Readers can expect topics such as the future of trade show business after the pandemic or the accessibility of business customers despite existing contact restrictions. Furthermore, trends in partner acquisition / partner business as well as CDOs - the decision makers of digital business - are presented and discussed in the context of the current change. The new blog will also show readers how to monitor and manage complex markets, as well as how to serve specific target groups via automated radar systems. Across industries, BRCG would like to contribute its experience from numerous innovation projects and daily conversations and invites dialogue. Exciting news and developments as well as informative articles about the transformation of digital sales await the reader from now on regularly in the blog "BRCG-Trends".

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