Identify business potential of customers and prospects at an early stage, is an endeavor that is continuously increasing, especially among entrepreneurs and sales decision-makers.
Particularly in the B2B environment, the rapid identification of emerging customer needs is an essential advantage. Opportunities must be recognized early on in order to position oneself as a partner or provider. In the past, the responsibility for this was classically assigned to sales. However, practice shows that conventional account management with its personnel allocation quickly reaches its limits. Inquiring about, recognizing and exploiting potential often poses a challenge for the relevant functionaries. There is a lack of time and structured methods of penetrating customers and companies.

In der Folge erfahren Unternehmen gar nicht oder nur spät von Beschaffungsvorhaben potentieller Kunden, woraus sich signifikante Erfolgseinbußen ergeben. Often, they only become aware of investment plans through invitations to tender and are then only one partner among many who are "allowed" to offer their solution. A early recognition of potential, on the other hand, enables participation and leadership in targeting the request and determining criteria. The goal: to create a better starting position.

BRCG's experience from research and practice shows that the early triage and identification of customer needs in broad markets or deep customer structures will have to be managed digitally in the future. In its own research, BRCG has achieved best results with the establishment of so-called Radar systems as digital account monitoring achieved. During the year, automated processes are used to collect information on investments and projects in defined target areas and evaluate them according to defined criteria. The radar systems are aligned with the individual customer requirements and scan relevant companies and stakeholder activities for specific Compelling Events. These may be events, changes or statements that indicate the possible emergence of new needs.

The systematic approach of the radar systems is convincing on several levels. The continuous automated determination of the requirements of relevant market participants not only leads to a better overall view. It brings about the Production of "leads from the machine". Together with the client, radar systems are set up and operated. Captured impulses are continuously evaluated and, if desired, followed up, concretized and elaborated into the lead. Obtaining such early signals is very valuable and a Central building block within future sales strategies..

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