Business growth has always been a driver of corporate value and the focus of investors. In the age of shareholder value and the increasing importance of digital business models, the significance of the growth rate of companies is increasing. Today, it is not the strongest product but the best and above all the first market position (time to market, first to market) that often determines the further success of companies. In the past, ensuring growth was the task of sales. Today, however, internal efforts to increase sales are increasingly proving to be too slow and unsystematic.

With its range of business processes for systematic growth, BRCG has now been assuming the role of growth driver for customers and partners for more than 20 years. By linking analytics and data services together with integrated contact and sales processes, growth can be planned and, for many companies, becomes possible in the first place in terms of future market success.

But what if internal growth is not enough despite all the effective measures? The strategic counterpart to this is external growth. Here, expansion is driven by corporate acquisitions, mergers of companies increase the market significance of a newly organized structure.
Acquisitions and the integration of companies usually follow two different guiding principles. Either similar companies merge and form a larger version of themselves in the community. In the other case, companies with complementary positioning merge to form a broad and differentiating organization. Today's buy-and-build strategies illustrate this approach.

Investors often ask themselves similar questions along the way. Which companies suit me and are available to implement a buy-and-build strategy? Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are conversely concerned with the consideration of which capital providers suit them.

Based on many years of cross-industry experience in cooperation with companies and investors, BRCG has decided to take a logical step from the project development point of view. With the foundation of an additional new company - the BR Smart Ventures (BRSV) - a company was established which combines the above-mentioned requirements of growth as well as investment.

This measure was prompted by the fact that growth issues are usually discussed in a suboptimal manner. Internal growth is viewed from too much of an operational and sales perspective, while external growth is treated from too much of a financial perspective and with little reference to the market. In the new company exactly these requirements are approached cooperatively and holistically for the target group of investors and entrepreneurs. BRSV considers internal and external growth as an intrinsic connection and sees itself as partner and implementer at the same time. By combining analytics and contacting processes, sought-after companies and investors are not only identified but also systematically brought together.

Do you have requirements / questions in the area of external growth? Are you looking for suitable investment and cooperation candidates or suitable investors? Would you like to secure your operative business at the same time as your investment efforts?
Then BRSV is at your disposal as an innovative discussion partner. BRSV als innovativer Gesprächspartner zur Verfügung.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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We look forward to exciting projects and new contacts!

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