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The "Marketing of innovations, the systematic conquest of markets and the implementation of scalable business growth with modern digital methods" have been BRCG's experience and passion since 1995.

Focusing on high-tech, industrial and service markets, we support entrepreneurs and sales decision-makers who want to achieve ambitious growth targets.


About Us

BRCG - Your partner for the sales of the future

BRCG as "business accelerator" in the age of digitalization is sales expert and partner in implementation at the same time. 20 years of experience and stand-alone methods revolutionize market development processes and enable to conquer markets faster and more systematically as well as to win customers and partners.

Automation, in-house developed analytics with AI, end-to-end data-driven sales processes and an "end-to-end service package" from market analysis to customer appointment accelerate your market success and company value!

About Us

With passion and competence, BRCG has been developing and operating innovative solutions and processes for the marketing of new technologies, plants, systems and services for more than 20 years.

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With modern systematic and intelligent methods BRCG opens a new dimension of marketing for its customers.

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Sectors and Customer Examples

BRCG has many years of experience from working with leading international corporations, medium-sized companies to start-ups.

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We offer exciting future-oriented tasks and look forward to getting in touch with you!

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The transformation of digital sales

The economy is in times of upheaval. The digital transformation, the acceleration of the growth of new markets, as well as the Corona pandemic that has occurred since 2020 and the fight against it, continue to drive the prevailing change. Upsets, permanent...

Manufacture of fittings becomes location for high-tech sales process

At that time, the historic industrial hall served as the delivery location of a fittings manufacturing company. Today, it is our customers and employees who are simply at the mercy of the special charm of the freshly renovated premises at the Bochum site. In current times of pandemic and general uncertainty, we are setting an example - BRCG continues to expand while looking to the future with confidence.

BRCG as a "business accelerator" in the age of digitalization

Sales expert and partner in implementation at the same time

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    "Time-to-market - we must have saved two years in agent acquisition as a result of the promotion."

    - Customer testimonial from the industry
    Financial services

    "The campaign did more than our last three appearances at the DKM trade show combined."

    - Customer testimonial from the industry
    Financial services

    "We are now generating more business while increasing efficiency in customer service."

    - Customer testimonial from the healthcare/healthcare market sector

    "With BRCG's support, we were finally able to filter the market intelligently - segment-based market development became possible."

    - Customer testimonial from the healthcare/healthcare market sector

    "Today we are a new company. After being in the project business for years, the way is now clear for scaling our company. This is where BRCG has been an important partner."

    - Customer testimonial from the high-tech sector

    "Without BRCG, we would never have succeeded in entering the demanding Dax market. We would not have gained access."

    - Customer testimonial from the high-tech sector

    "The hit rate is more than five times higher than our traditional sales processes for new customer business."

    - Customer testimonial from the industry sector

    "Of the potential companies identified from the analysis, we have already been able to capture more than 10% after 12 months."

    - Customer testimonial from the industry sector

    "BRCG doesn't just show how to do it, BRCG does it! They go ahead and take the work out of our involvement and take the company to a new level of professionalism and sales power."

    - Customer testimonial from the investment sector

    "The speed to the possible exit has increased significantly. The entire process has become more predictable for us."

    - Customer testimonial from the investment sector

    "An emergency situation due to Corona has turned into a trusting and valuable collaboration."

    - Customer testimonial from the financial services sector

    Our customers

    Financial service

    Nowhere are there more indirect sales organizations than in the financial services sector. More than 200,000 individuals and organizations are registered in the various fields of activity covered by §34 GewO.

    The successful partner of the past is no longer automatically the partner of the future!

    Health / Health market

    The healthcare market is the largest single market in Germany. This applies to both the total sales generated and the number of market participants.

    In this market complexity, previous analysis, planning and control methods for market development and sales have reached their limits.


    Germany is the land of innovations. Products, solutions, plants and systems are developed with technological avant-garde and a high degree of innovation.

    It is striking that the "technical mindset" often dominates marketing activities.


    The German economy is extremely diverse. Invstement Products an Systems (B2B) are used and processed in a wide variety of industries and business processes. New competitors are intensifying the competitive pressure.

    A complex task for the sales department.

    Investment (Venture Capital)

    Germany is the country of innovative medium-sized companies and home to the so-called hidden champions. German companies are the focus of national and international investors.

    Private and public investment companies have plenty of capital for investments - pressure to find the right candidates for investment.

    Site marketing

    The settlement of promising companies is one of the most important tasks of national, regional and municipal economic development in Germany and abroad. German companies are in great demand, both at home and abroad.

    They are considered to be highly competitive, predictable and comparatively loyal to their location.

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