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We make your success and growth plannable!

BRCG - Your partner for the sales of the future

With passion and competence, BRCG has been developing and operating innovative solutions and processes for the marketing of new technologies, plants, systems and services for more than 20 years. Our claim and passion is to support customers in the systematic penetration of new and existing markets.

BRCG is a pioneer in analytics and digitalized sales. From many years of accompanying leading international corporations, medium-sized family businesses and own R&D-Projects, BRCG has developed innovative methods that are built and operated into an integrated process for sales success and scalable growth of our customers. We explicitly do not see ourselves as consultants - BRCG is partner and implementer of concrete solutions. Our claim is: We don't just tell you how to do it - we do it!

Our claim is:
We don't just tell you how to do it - we do it!

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We accompany clients by means of a "One Stop System". With us, the pursuit of multi-year growth targets becomes a transparent and plannable process. "Identification of market participants, analysis of potential, positioning of the relevant market including database, story-telling, contacting and acquisition of new customers and partners are built up and operated by BRCG in a continuous process" - with modern methods, transparent, systematic, scalable.

The results are highly relevant for entrepreneurs, management and sales decision makers in terms of scaling business, driving and implementing growth strategies and increasing shareholder value.

BRCG is the partner for modern sales management, entrepreneurs and investors. With the modern services companies get a new perspective.

Sales Sucessess is soften random – we turn it in into a success system.

We make your success and growth plannable.

We are already implementing the sales requirements of the future today.

Our customers

Financial service

Nowhere are there more indirect sales organizations than in the financial services sector. More than 200,000 individuals and organizations are registered in the various fields of activity covered by §34 GewO.

The successful partner of the past is no longer automatically the partner of the future!

Health / Health market

The healthcare market is the largest single market in Germany. This applies to both the total sales generated and the number of market participants.

In this market complexity, previous analysis, planning and control methods for market development and sales have reached their limits.


Germany is the land of innovations. Products, solutions, plants and systems are developed with technological avant-garde and a high degree of innovation.

It is striking that the "technical mindset" often dominates marketing activities.


The German economy is extremely diverse. Invstement Products an Systems (B2B) are used and processed in a wide variety of industries and business processes. New competitors are intensifying the competitive pressure.

A complex task for the sales department.

Investment (Venture Capital)

Germany is the country of innovative medium-sized companies and home to the so-called hidden champions. German companies are the focus of national and international investors.

Private and public investment companies have plenty of capital for investments - pressure to find the right candidates for investment.

Site marketing

The settlement of promising companies is one of the most important tasks of national, regional and municipal economic development in Germany and abroad. German companies are in great demand, both at home and abroad.

They are considered to be highly competitive, predictable and comparatively loyal to their location.

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