In times of digital transformation of marketing and sales processes, it is essential to recognize trends and currents on the market at an early stage in order to adequately align one's business with changes and to take advantage of emerging opportunities. But what drives customers? What topics are they focusing on? Based on the most frequent inquiries and discussions with our customers and clients, the top topics and trends for 2022 have been identified. Three main areas of focus can be identified:

  • Digital account monitoring (customer radar systems),
  • the scaling of the partner business
  • and optimization possibilities in the use of CRM systems in practice.

BRCG would now like to preview this year's BRCG Trends and highlight what content you can expect in our Trends Newsletter.

1. Account monitoring - Identify business opportunities faster than your competition!werb!
Blickt man auf die letzten beiden vergangenen Jahre, so wird besonders deutlich, wie entscheidend die Nähe zu Kunden und Zielgruppen, insbesondere in Krisenzeiten, ist. Seit Beginn der Corona-Pandemie sind persönliche Kontakte und Events stark eingeschränkt worden. Der Vertriebsprozess der Vergangenheit ist in Frage gestellt. Aus diesem Mangel an direktem Austausch ergibt sich das Kundenbedürfnis, marktrelevante Signale und Vorhaben früh zu erkennen und Maßnahmen zu ergreifen, um Geschäftspotentiale heben und steuern zu können.

In order to meet these requirements, new, innovative mechanisms will be needed in the future. As a result of many years of research, BRCG reports on the development of digital radar systems for monitoring entire target groups, markets and stakeholders. This means leadership through early detection of signals, changes and business opportunities at the customer in a sub-annual and integrated process with automated monitoring up to the lead process from the machine. These approaches to account monitoring characterize a new class of solution that fits the times very well, not only strategically and technically, but also economically. This topic will open the 2022 trend series.

2. scalable partner business - boost your growth!
In times of more scalable business models and increasing growth targets, business with partners and multipliers (indirect sales) is playing an increasingly important role. Successes in the IT and digitization industry have shown that sales via partners can be a lever for growth and scaling of the business approach on the market. Depending on the sector, partnerships can take different forms. Whether system houses in the IT and high-tech segment, therapy target groups in the healthcare market, or brokers or intermediaries in financial services - many companies often face a partner market with thousands of participants. This makes it all the more important to determine which partners also have potential and are a good fit for one's own company.

The insights and service offerings that BRCG derives from research and practice in this regard result in the KPI-oriented development of a partner system, the targeted partner acquisition and the management of the entire partner life cycle. The Trend Newsletter therefore reports on innovation projects in which entire partner systems are managed by BRCG from the assessment of potential to the connection, activation/reactivation and controlling.

3. Defy the CRM crisis with "data analytics" and "data support"!
Numerous conversations with customers show again and again the many problems with the alignment and application of CRM systems in practice. Everyone has a CRM system - but derives too little benefit from it! Lack of systematics, little data evaluation and, above all, poor customer or market data are the result of CRM projects in practice. The result: CRM systems from well-known providers, purchased at a high price, often turn out to be disappointing in terms of their benefits. It's time to take a critical look at the issue: Is CRM now "digital excellence" or doesn't it often turn out to be more of a "data breach"? What adjustments need to be made in order to achieve improvements and where are the starting points for optimized CRM use and data leadership?

Based on numerous projects, BRCG reports in the Trend Newsletter on concrete possibilities to start at the interface for success - the data. This proves to be the linchpin for a desired optimization.

  • Data-Checkups ,
  • Data-Uploads
  • and the establishment of data-oriented sales processes as well as data maintenance processes

are presented and explained in the CRM topic complex. The way forward here is to move away from an IT system focus to a data and sales process focus.

The three sets of topics presented form a major part of the 2022 trends. Readers should learn from the practical reports and compare them with their own experiences.

We would like to invite you to the discussion and look forward to your participation!

Should you wish to discuss concerns and questions prior to the publication of individual topics, we are of course always available to you in advance. To benefit from content earlier, please send us a message if needed.

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