Despite the diverse use of CRM tools in a wide range of industries, a phenomenon can be observed that affects the majority of companies. The potential of customer relationship management systems is not being exploited, despite the selection of well-known providers, many years of system implementation and a high investment of resources.

One key to the successful use of CRM systems is the quality of the data entered. Only those who work with relevant and up-to-date data records have the chance to increase their sales performance. First of all, this requires a correct assessment of the prevailing data situation. Is the data complete, covering the market, up-to-date and evaluable? In any case, it is important to understand that the CRM tool is not a mere database in rigid form, but a tool that should be used to represent business relationships and their progress.

Based on many years of experience from the use and installation of numerous CRM systems, BRCG has turned the focus from the system to the data situation with its program of measures. Here lies a key for success in practice. Thanks to many years of experience from projects and discussions with experts and users, we can help interested customers to determine or check the influences that are decisive for the success of the setup and operation of a system. In this way, a CRM database becomes a dynamic sales process tool that enables leadership for you and your company.

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