Globalization and digitization are in full swing. More and more markets, where previous processes are being replaced by digital innovations, are affected by the transformation. The crux of the matter is that the services provided by digital agendas often do not simply replace a technology, but can be associated with realignments of entire business processes. In order to adequately market digital innovations and products that are incorporated into these new business models, a shift in thinking is required. Traditional sales channels are not getting anywhere here.

Who is responsible for innovation, transformation and new business models in my markets and customer companies? Who benefits from this? Who accompanies the agenda and has the responsibility or a driver function? Knowledge of the new decision-making target group for digital transformation is essential for the sales processes of the future. Their marketing requires foresight, benefit orientation and, above all, the right contacts! But who are these people and what is the best way to reach them? Sales organizations have a hard time finding this new type of decision maker!

Results from BRCG studies show that there are problems in systematically identifying and reaching this target group. With their overriding responsibility or interface function, the new decision-makers often fall outside the classic sales grid. In addition to the management and the CIO, people with the corresponding characteristics, responsibilities and decision-making powers are increasingly also the so-called CDOs, Chief Digital Officers. However, it remains problematic that this group of people is difficult to find due to the inconsistent and unspecific designation of their position.

From many years of experience in supporting marketing and sales in innovation markets, BRCG has built up a new range of services here! The target group radar system! By means of this automated process, the CDO target group in Germany is identified via social media. With this information BRCG is able to support customers in a new way focused on the development of those target groups that are crucial for success. Sample inquiries from customers often relate to the following services:

  • Positioning of the CDO / Digital Leader in defined target segments
  • Creation of a target group database for the CRM incl. determination of contact data
  • Tracking and scanning of the target group during the year by means of automated processes for so-called Compelling Events (reason for addressing)
  • Contacting the target group via social media and by phone
  • Needs analysis, project inquiry and placement of partners
  • Arrangement of appointments for the sales department

Would you like to learn more about the role of the CDO as well as the digitization leaders in companies and discover ways to systematically tap into these and other target groups? What does your sales force of the future look like? Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us!

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